About Chris

Dublin City is currently bubbling under with a strong dance and hip hop scene. A distinctive figure within this movement is Chris Kabs (born in the Democratic Republic of the Congo but largely raised in Sweden and Ireland).

Chris is a recording artist, a music producer, a composer, a record label manager and a master of many instruments. In recent years, he has been busy writing, producing and recording his debut album. He has also produced an extensive range of one-off tracks for emerging artists.

Chris is noteworthy for the breadth of his collaborative projects. His top songwriting co-writer is Seán Silke. Apart from the current 15-track dance album project, “Unlucky in Love”, Chris is also very proud of his work with Seán on “Unexamined emotions”, an album of 14 romantic pop songs featuring Dublin artist Ellen Cosgrove.

As well as working to build an enduring career for himself as a performing and recording artist, Chris plans to create a hub in Dublin around which other talented artists focus their budding careers; to evolve a songwriting/ production team capable of producing a stream of hit commercial dance tracks and love songs; and to strengthen his record label activities (TEMO Universal) as well as links with current songwriting collaborators.

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